Re-writing the rulebook to deliver Leeds Booklet Printing Company a perfectly tailored name and identity ... and a direct mail drop with a difference.

Penstripe Business Cards
Penstripe Business Cards

A New Leaf

Leeds Booklet Printing Company vetted 50 of the UK’s top agencies before selecting us as the perfect partners to help their business turn over a new leaf with a revolutionary brand identity.

From the off, we knew that meticulous attention to detail was at the heart of their operation – setting the tone for the rest of the project.

Smart Thinking

In response, we created a new identity that blends traditional typography with a contemporary pinstripe.

Fully campaignable, the identity-at-large is based on a series of striking line drawings that underpin the order and smartness of the product range and company culture. This was also the rationale for their new name, ‘Penstripe’, generated as a playful twist on the classic British pinstripe suit.

Penstripe office interior
Penstripe Poster Illustration
Penstripe office car park
Penstripe office car park
Penstripe office door
Penstripe office door

Rewarding Results all Round

With their new multi award-winning identity, Penstripe are fully prepared for whatever the future throws at them, which is important for a company who make yearly planners.

Using their Loaf

Having built a strong relationship and developed a taste for the bold, our next project was to help Penstripe launch their new online tool ‘My Penstripe’ which enables customers to design their own planner using the company’s expertise 

In the diary and planner world, My Penstripe is the best thing since sliced bread. Which got us thinking. Why not send a fresh loaf to 700 prospective customers, each bearing the strapline ‘Use our loaf’?

Our customer-focused campaign got Twitter buzzing and generated 300 registrations right off the bat – topping Penstripe’s annual target in just two weeks.

All in all, helping Penstripe establish a killer identity was made all the sweeter by their readiness to re-enter the market with a courageous campaign that was the best thing since, well, you know... 


Taxi Studio & Penstripe

A beautifully baked direct mail for Penstripe