Harriet's Jolly Nice

Putting our client’s personality on pack was all it took to turn a range of Jolly Nice ice creams into an uncompromisingly delicious dessert brand.
Three scoops of Harriet's Jolly Nice ice cream
Three scoops of Harriet's Jolly Nice ice cream

Putting Personality on Pack

Great products demand great branding. Harriet Wilson didn’t have a brand per se, but she did have very tasty homemade ice creams and the jolliest personality on the Southern Coast: she was the brand.

It was our job to translate her sunny disposition and story into an identity and packaging that would make her ice creams fly from retailers’ shelves, just as they did from her mobile Airstream ice cream van. 

Now with Added Character

We created the brand name and visual identity. Our copywriting guru came up with a wonderful set of stories to adorn the packaging and Harriet supplied us with plenty of her product for inspiration … all of which was Jolly Nice. 

Harriet's Jolly Nice logo
Jolly Nice Branding Name Logo
Line-up of Harriet's Jolly Nice packaging
Single Image

Just Desserts

With our help, Harriet’s ice creams have been transformed from homemade hobby to sought-after brand, stocked in Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen restaurants and Four Seasons hotels and resorts. Just desserts for a seriously tasty product and brand, we think.

Harriet's Jolly Nice packaging detail
Jolly Nice Packaging
Harriet's Jolly Nice POS
Jolly Nice Touchpoint Branding
Harriet's Jolly Nice stationery and invoice slips
Jolly Nice Stationery