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Really rather Jolly Nice

  • Blurring the boundaries between Design & Advertising

    Tap to see… how we became Brand Trustees for BPW for Nestlé’s NESTEA®

  • Creating thoughtful Limited Edition Packaging

    Tap to see… how we deployed an engaging campaign in a dark market

  • Counting down to Christmas…

    Tap to see… how we helped answer the ever-present question
    “How many Sleeps until Christmas?”

  • Moving Ocean into a more contemporary space

    Tap to see… how we warmed up Ocean’s identity

  • German Creativity meets English Efficiency

    Tap to see… how we orchestrated an extremely efficient identity

  • Generating meaty results

    Tap to see… how we beefed up sales for Siniat

  • Reinstating the King of Finland

    Tap to see… how we reinstated the King of Finland’s Long Drink category

  • Branding between the lines

    Tap to see… how we helped a blossoming business turn over a new leaf

  • Concocting a sinfully premium spirits brand

    Tap to see… how we struck a chord with Kate Hudnott

  • Sorting the men from the boys in the whisky category

    Tap to see… how we made the Black Grouse much more manly

  • Creating bags of character for Cadbury

    Tap to see… how we’re making the Summer of 2013 a joy for all

  • Another stunt. Another roaring success

    Tap to see… how we put a live tiger in a shop window

  • Silence isn’t Golden

    Tap to see… how we helped Golden Cap shout from the shelves

  • Clifton Troll Bridge

    Tap to see... how we struck delight into the heart of Bristol on Halloween

  • Lighting up the Logo

    Tap to see… how we added a touch of brilliance to Carlsberg’s Christmas

  • Playfully palindromic

    Tap to see… how we helped Clarks create playground pester power

  • Food for thought

    Tap to see… what we did to whet the appetite of BIS publishers

  • Making Grey the new Black

    Tap to see… how we helped Clarks gain a foothold in the 55+ market

  • Putting apples with apples

    Tap to see… how we created a little addition to our recently redesigned family of Somersby ciders

  • Creating the Champagne of soft drinks

    Tap to see… how we successfully transformed Tumult from ‘alcohol-free drink’ to ‘sexy soft drink’

  • Climbing the
    ladder of success

    Tap to see… how we sympathetically refreshed a leading cider brand in Denmark & Norway

  • Creating bags of laughter for a classic British brand

    Tap to see… how we rescued Ringos from the brink of obscurity

  • Really rather Jolly Nice

    Tap to see… how we transformed a range of delicious ice creams into a delightfully delicious ice cream brand

  • Using morality to build loyalty

    Tap to see… how we took the moral high ground with Paradigm

Really rather Jolly Nice

Situation: Harriet Wilson is a genius. Not only does she make what can only be described as the world’s most delicious ice cream, she also understood that without powerful packaging, she might not fulfill her ambition to become the world’s coolest ice cream brand.

Solution: We created the brand name and visual identity. Our copywriting guru came up with a wonderful set of stories to adorn the packaging and Harriet supplied us with plenty of her ice cream for inspiration… all of which was Jolly Nice.

  • Delivering on Real Refreshment

    Tap to see… how we helped Carlsberg create a brand to strike at the heart of the UK’s most prolific mainstream cider

  • New logo
    for serial thrillers

    Tap to see… how we entertained two of the UK’s most successful screen writers

  • Transforming windows around the world

    Tap to see… how we created beautiful POS with global reach

  • Connecting Kraft's marketers

    Tap to see… how we helped Kraft’s marketers reapply their wealth of knowledge & experience

  • A stiff challenge
    from Smirnoff

    Tap to see… how to sell Black without cannibalising Red

  • Heavyweight POS for Superlight shoes

    Tap to see… how big ideas can help sales take off

  • Smiles in the aisles

    Tap to see… how we helped Tesco to see their everyday products in a whole new light

  • Creating a splash on shelf

    Tap to see… how we added a touch of Latin loveliness to one of Spain’s favorite iced tea brands

  • Serious on the outside…

    Tap to see… what it takes to win 21 awards for one piece of work

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