We help clients BeMore.FearLess. by deploying Analysis & Intuition to create and rejuvenate brands that endure in the memory across a wide range of countries, cultures and media. This results in iconic, award-winning work that’s simple, scalable and above all – effective. We’re Taxi Studio, the Brand Expression Agency.

About Taxi Studio

Courage and Collaboration equal success

Fearless Creativity

True success happens when you create work that’s original, true to the brand it comes from and surpasses its commercial objectives. It’s not easy. And it takes both guts and insight, which is why courage and collaboration mean so much to us.


In a cluttered and hyper-competitive world, brands need to be brave to survive and flourish. So that means doing something radical just because it’s different? No. But it does mean never settling for ‘ordinary’, and never being afraid to challenge ourselves as well as our clients to ensure that ‘normal’ never happens. In our experience, it’s the only way to make the unimaginable obtainable for brands.


Our goal is to find the best way to bring your brand to life. So to achieve something truly special, our approach is to take every step of that journey together. We’re driven by what’s right for your brand. And our ideas emerge from a rigorous understanding of what makes your brand unique.


We’re all about uplift at Taxi, and there’s nothing more uplifting than seeing targets trounced knowing you had fun along the way. The bottom line is we’re in business to give our clients the edge over their competitors. And we’ve proved time and again that the most effective means of achieving that is through fearless creativity. Or, as the SAS rather more succinctly put it: Who dares, wins.

Industry honours

In our opinion winning awards is worthless unless the work works. Fuelled by courage, collaboration and commercial success, we’ve won just about every creative award worth winning (about 200 to date) including: D&AD, Cannes, Creative Review (Best in Book), New York Festivals (Grand Award), L.I.A (Grand Prize), Design Week, Clio, Mobius and DBA Design Effectiveness (Grand Prix). Honours like these do more than stoke our creative confidence. They help us attract and retain the best creative talent. Plus the parties aren’t bad either.

Awards Won

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