We’re Taxi Studio, the Brand Design Agency with a fervent belief that Courage & Collaboration deliver great success. We call this Fearless Creativity, it drives everything we do.

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About Taxi Studio


In a cluttered and competitive world, brands need to be brave to survive and flourish.

Of course, that doesn't mean living dangerously for the sake of it. But it does mean never being afraid to challenge ourselves and our clients; asking the questions others are afraid to ask; unearthing smarter insights, devising bigger and better ideas, rethinking the possibilities and never settling for ‘ordinary’.

Fearless Creativity makes the unimaginable obtainable for brands. And that’s the very thing that gets us out of bed in the mornings… the thrill of consistently giving clients something they thought they could never have.

But Fearless Creativity isn’t just about being courageous; it’s about working closely and collaboratively with clients, so together we produce work that really works.


Being fearless takes guts. And that’s why we take special care to ensure that we’re on the journey with you every step of the way – always rooting our ideas in what’s right for your business, providing plenty of positivity (and acrobatic agility) to deliver brave work.

We’ll find the best way to bring your brand to life through Visual Identity, Packaging, Film & Digital Experiences, whatever the audience or sector (or country for that matter).

Because when you work with us you’ll work together with our globally experienced, multi award-winning Strategic, Creative and Client Services team, including access to our first class network of specialist partners.


We’re all about uplift at Taxi – and there’s nothing more uplifting than seeing targets trounced knowing you had fun along the way.

And that’s Fearless Creativity in a nutshell – Courage, Collaboration and Success.

The bottom line is, we're in business to give our clients the edge over their competitors. And we've proved time and again that the most effective means of achieving that is through Fearless Creativity.

Or, as the SAS rather more succinctly express it: Who dares, wins.

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