Fearless Faces

Great people make great work. But it’s not just about recruiting the finest people around, it’s about keeping them and that’s where our mojo comes in. It’s hard to pin down exactly what our mojo ‘is’ because it’s lots of things. It’s embracing diversity, nurturing talent, mucking in and making Taxi Studio a special place to be. But most of all ... it’s about loving coming to work every day.

The Team

Managing Director

Kate Lenton

Kate’s expert knowledge has been two decades in the making. From her early days as a designer at Williams & Phoa, Kate went on to co-found an award-winning digital agency where she resided as creative and managing director for ten years.

There, she worked across integrated campaigns spanning social and digital strategy, large-scale websites and digital brand activations … so it’s safe to say she knows her wireframes from her widgets. 

Kate has extensive cross-sector experience working for the likes of Barclays, the BBC, Capital Radio, Manchester United, Oxford University, Rolls Royce and WHSmith.

In 2014, she brought this wealth of knowledge to Taxi Studio where she now leads the charge on all our online propositions and our clients’ digital strategies.

One strategy that Kate got horribly wrong though, was the choice and location of her very first tattoo … and we’ll leave that one right there.

Kate Lenton Managing Director
Kate Lenton