The Team

Jade Horton

Strategy Partner

Jade is a globally-renowned strategist with razor-sharp acumen, possessing the diagnostic ability to solve big brand challenges and command any room. Her breadth of knowledge and depth of experience enables her to navigate demanding and ever-changing markets, driving commercial success for our clients through brilliant ideas.

Jade joined Taxi after working her way around the world’s best agencies – from Ogilvy to Fallon to BBDO – with a list of clients to her name that span the fields of advertising, branding and packaging. She has led large teams from both a client service and strategic perspective, and having run a successful CPG business, has a unique perspective from both sides of the creative table. Her skills are invaluable in unravelling our clients’ complex business challenges – often providing a unique and provocative perspective, as well as identifying and driving the crucial logical thread.

Jade Horton