Fearless Faces

Great people make great work. But it’s not just about recruiting the finest people around, it’s about keeping them and that’s where our mojo comes in. It’s hard to pin down exactly what our mojo ‘is’ because it’s lots of things. It’s embracing diversity, nurturing talent, mucking in and making Taxi Studio a special place to be. But most of all ... it’s about loving coming to work every day.

The Team

Account Director

Hannah Bartholemew

Hannah started her career on the right foot in 2004, working for Clarks Shoes as a marketing graduate. And that’s when (and where) we first met.

After falling in love with her highly evolved brain, strategic brilliance and wonderful sense of humour, we tempted her from client-side to fun-side a few years later, in 2006.

Hannah’s since amassed a vast amount of experience working for the likes of adidas, Castrol/BP, Coca-Cola, Ella's Kitchen, General Mills, Mars, Nestlé, Omega Pharma, Reckitt Benckiser, Speedo and The Edrington Group.

What’s the best thing about Hannah? It’s not that her parents own a pub serving delicious food a short distance from our studio … that's for sure!

Hannah Bartholemew Account Director
Hannah Bartholemew