Fearless Faces

Great people make great work. But it’s not just about recruiting the finest people around, it’s about keeping them and that’s where our mojo comes in. It’s hard to pin down exactly what our mojo ‘is’ because it’s lots of things. It’s embracing diversity, nurturing talent, mucking in and making Taxi Studio a special place to be. But most of all ... it’s about loving coming to work every day.

The Team


Brian Mansfield

Armed with a massive, nimble brain and a marketing degree from Lancaster University, Brian's career got off to a (literally) flying start when he joined British Airways' graduate scheme in 1992.

Six years on and Brian flew the nest, moving first into strategic marketing consultancy before deciding freelancing looked like much more fun. Spending eight years as a brand strategy and innovation guru, he then packed up and moved to Australia in 2006 to serve time as Managing Director of a Sydney design agency. In the process, Brian helped shape the fortunes of (among others) BT, Guinness, Hilton Hotels, Kraft, Lego, Nestlé, Orange and Pret A Manger.

Since joining us way back in 2009, Brian has helped lead Taxi Studio to commercial success, repositioning many of the world’s most famous consumer brands in the process. As Chairman, he’s now channeling his energies and 25+ years of experience into client consultancy, helping to ensure Taxi continues to provide its clients with the premier level of strategic and creative partnership they deserve.

With strategic skills as impressive as Brian's, it would be selfish of us to keep him all to ourselves. So when hospice charity, Dorothy House, invited him to join their Board of Trustees in the same year the coveted DBA also asked Brian to sit on their Board of Directors, Taxi gladly gave him two green lights and a massive pat on the back.

A strategic heavyweight, mentor and all round top bloke, Brian ensures Team Taxi always performs at the top of its game. Talking of teams – according to Brian, his most fearless award-winners are his champion under-13's rugby squad.

(Controversial, we think.)


Brian Mansfield Chairman
Brian Mansfield