Founders at Fifteen

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Founders at Fifteen

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Founders at 15

Alex, Ryan and Spence shoot the breeze to mark a very special anniversary…

Most people remember 15 as an age of acne, angst and oh-so-regrettable fashion choices. But in the life of an agency, 15 years is a bit of a milestone.

For Taxi Studio, the past decade and a half represent an incredible journey. We’ve seen the Taxi family mushroom to over ten times its original size, our client relationships blossom into meaningful partnerships and our fearless reputation extend across the globe.

So, to celebrate 15 years of Taxi Studio taking on the world, we decided to interview the people who started it all – our infamous founders Alex, Ryan and Spence.

Seated on a plush couch in a not-so-plush corner of an ITV studio, the three friends from Somerset College braced themselves for questioning as we quizzed them about 25 years of friendship, the foundations of Taxi Studio and their plans for the future.

Go on take a look – it is our birthday.