More Hats. Less Uniform.

News Flash | More Hats. Less Uniform.

“It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”.

Times were already changing in the creative industries long before Covid-19. It had given rise to a new breed of creatives, new agency models and evolved ways of working – More skill sets. More adaptability. More agility. More openness. What we’re facing right now has simply reinforced our belief that across the industry, we need to wear more hats and be less uniform.

More hats
To be equipped to deliver the breadth of brand expression requires the skill set of agency and individual to be equally as broad. But it’s not just a tangible skill list it’s an intangible skill list too. A blend of IQ and EQ. A collective of different experiences, time zones, skills and knowledge that delivers an ever-adaptable team.

Less uniform 
Let’s whole-heartedly embrace our uniqueness and individuality. Everyone is equally live, loud and fallible – clients and colleagues alike. Real-time collaboration provides greater insight into you as a person and working methodologies. We are, after all, people designing for people.

More exposed
Whereas our worth can often be found embedded in a well-crafted, well-executed set of carefully considered ideas, rehearsed and delivered in a timely fashion – today some of our worth has taken several steps forward and removed its metaphorical clothes. We are exposed, close-up, personal – it’s the agility and transparency of thought that counts. 

Less restricted
Be open to new ideas, stay nourished, replenish your brain’s fuel, because knowledge and ideas are currency. Embrace new ways of working and be less afraid of failure. We can successfully work from home? We can run virtual workshops?  And we can pitch over Teams. What’s next?

More instinct
So often the opportunities are arriving fast and need to be acted upon equally as fast. Now is where we can unearth the wow. Constraints like time can produce some of the best creative work, using iterative ideation and validation, ideas tested as sentences before visualisation – collaboration before design.