Fearless Festivity

News Flash | Fearless Festivity

It’s been a heck of a year. So, to celebrate and send off a 2016 full of fantastic work, Team Taxi donned their wellies and ventured into the depths of Somerset.

With a charming country house to call home for two days of merriment, Christmas had come early. So, in true Taxi fashion we got our glad rags on, cracked out the bubbly and danced the weekend away. Cue a glitzy casino night and some questionable impromptu karaoke.

From shooting to spa trips - with some braving an epic hike in the wilds of Exmoor - our Somerset getaway was the perfect place to let off a little steam and look back on the totally lovely 2016 we’ve had.

Now that the dance-offs are over and the roulette wheel has stopped spinning, we’re home and dry in Bristol, ready to take on 2017. All that’s left to say is Merry Christmas - here’s to another cracking year!