Be More, Do Better – Life after Lockdown

News Flash | Be More, Do Better – Life after Lockdown

For the last couple of months in lockdown, we’ve been focussing solely on looking after each other and our clients, taking it one step at a time.

But as the weeks have gone on, the focus has shifted. We all now need to start picturing what life looks like the other side of this (for our own sanity), even though we don’t know when that will be.

It’s all a bit counter-intuitive – on one-hand we’re moving week-by-week, processing bite-size chunks as the situation unfolds and trying to not to catastrophise or waste energy on futile predictions about ‘where this is all going’. But on the other hand – living head-down and day-to-day isn’t natural for creative thinkers. We like to think big. We need a purpose and when you remove that, things can become very transactional very quickly.

So, as an agency, we’ve started trying to look up and forward as best we can and galvanise behind a vision for how Taxi (and all of us personally) can emerge from this in better shape than when we went in. 

It’s not very often that life hands you the chance for a total re-set, so if any good can come out of this situation, it has to be that we take stock of how we live our lives – try to be more and do better.

This is a huge opportunity to ditch the old habits, look at the ways of working that don’t feel right or relevant anymore and only carry forward the things that facilitate what we value the most – health, happiness, family, friends, balance, creativity.

The world has been in beta-mode and that has been quite liberating. We’ve all given ourselves permission to fail and space to experiment (and we’ve learnt a lot).

So, when we get back to the studio we’ll be making changes – how we work, where we work, what we work on, how we travel and where pour our energy.

More Simplicity. Less Complexity. More Agility. Less Process. More Balance. Less BS!

The biggest learning for me has been trying to reproduce the natural creative process when we’re all apart. You can structure your day and chat on Slack and review work on Zoom but the logistics and the platforms and the planning aren’t the issue – it’s the raw creative thinking and the unstructured bouncing ideas off each other that’s harder to achieve.

The magic that happens when you get the right brains around a (real) table, the laughter in the kitchen, the post-pitch pub table, the squeezes of encouragement before a call, the chance idea that develops from passing a piece of work on the wall, or on someone’s screen. That’s the stuff that gets you up in the morning, that’s why we’re all in this game and that’s the stuff that good agencies (and good work) are built on.

We’re very fortunate that over the last year, we’d already done a lot of soul-searching about what Taxi of the future needs to look like, so we can now use this situation as an accelerator for positive change, rather than feeling paralysed by it. We’re determined that when this is all over, we won’t go ‘back’, we’ll move forward!

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