Fearless Creativity Meets Break-Point

News Flash | Fearless Creativity Meets Break-Point

The elite team behind the Channel 4 programme, SAS: Who Dares Wins, approached Taxi Studio with an offer we couldn’t resist; to give their fitness brand, Break-Point, a vision, values and seriously bad-ass brand identity.

From the get-go it was clear Taxi Studio and Break-Point shared the core belief that through courage and collaboration you can achieve something greater than you ever thought possible.

Having armed Break-Point with a set of inspiring values, we established their triumphant vision to revolutionise the fitness industry. Next came the creation of a brand identity that captured the very essence of who and what Break-Point is.

A break-point by definition is the conscious moment you choose to go beyond your limits, to smash through your barriers both mentally and physically. And with such a powerful sentiment at the core of the brand, they needed an identity which clearly communicated that moment of change – the break-point between the finite past and limitless future. So that’s exactly what we gave them.

Happy with their vision, values and brand new identity, we added one more tool to their arsenal in the form of a content calendar to capture traffic from Channel 4’s Season 2 of SAS: Who Dares Wins with engaging content and drive sign-up for their new online fitness offering.

We’re continuing to work with Break-Point as they draw closer to launching their revolutionary online fitness portal – designed by British Special Forces experts to equip us mere mortals with the everyday tools to improve our mental and physical wellbeing. It’s been a genuine joy to share our passion for Fearless Creativity with these fearless people and we can’t wait for what’s in-store. Watch this space.