UK Studio Rankings 2019

News Flash | UK Studio Rankings 2019

We’re pleased as punch to have bagged 8th place in the Computer Arts 30 Best UK Design Studios 2019!

Not only are we delighted to have climbed four places, it’s great to see two non-London studios in the top 10 this year.

And what a year 2019 has been…

It’s been a year of uncertainty for many clients – they’ve been looking for reassurance and for agencies to give them the confidence to back brave work, so we’ve evolved our strategic offer to remove the risk. By being agile enough to work smarter and bold enough to think bigger, we have built several exciting new global relationships this year.

It’s also been a challenging year for many agencies – triggering much recent debate about how relevant industry rankings are and whether they still matter. But for us it’s not about a fleeting flash of PR or banking vanity points, they matter because it means the designers we really admire think we’re doing something right (and that means a lot). 

And what we’re doing is simple – creating an environment where brave work can flourish, filled with some of the nicest, smartest people you’ll ever meet.

So this is for every single one of those people – what a wonderful team you are and what an amazing achievement this is!