University of Roehampton Rebrand

News Flash | University of Roehampton Rebrand

A new icon in education

The University of Roehampton is ranked the ‘the Best Modern University in London’. But its brand was failing to live up to this reputation or convey the university's unique character and vibrant student experience. We were brought in to revolutionise Roehampton’s identity in a way that celebrated its excellent academic credentials and retained a nod reflected to the four historic colleges that make up Roehampton.

From the outset, we worked closely with key stakeholders at Roehampton and established a brand strategy, informed by conversations with students, staff and the Board of Directors. It was soon clear the creative challenge would be to devise an identity that captured Roehampton’s immense offer: its world-class education, the meaningful experience it provides students and the collaborative community who make up Roehampton the University.

The solution lay in the transformative power of education; the idea that an excellent education should inspire a new outlook. We enhanced the existing quad system into a simple but iconic brandmarque that neatly retained the notion of 4 four distinct colleges whilst creating a dual ‘R’ for Roehampton and a ‘window’ device.

The creative idea of a window was an exciting one for Roehampton and their famously beautiful outdoor campus setting. From a messaging perspective, it allows the viewer to look into the world of Roehampton and appreciate the opportunities their education provides. From a practical perspective, it’s a contemporary brandmarque that cuts through a multitude of generic university crests to deliver a fully interactive brand – one that’s easy to translate for the increasingly digital student.

The device was purposefully designed to accommodate a huge range of activations; from individual course prospectuses and annual reports to media campaigns and student t-shirts. When it came to colour, we chose a sophisticated palette of deep greens with accent coppers that spoke to Roehampton’s green campus nestled in South West London.

The University of Roehampton now has an identity and positioning, which captures the quality of its offering in the form of a differentiating distinctive new icon in education. Launching this academic year (2017-18), we continue to work closely with the University of Roehampton, including designing their on-site signage and establishing their tone of voice. 

Liam Hurley, Director of Communications for the University of Roehampton said:

“We wanted a new brand identity that was contemporary, would help us stand out and at the same time represent our rich heritage. Taxi Studio brought creativity and a sense of focus to a process that involved our students, staff and other members of our community.

The result is a new brand identity that reflects the elements, which make the University of Roehampton such a great place to study and work. We are delighted with the end result!”