Better with Meta2

News Flash | Better with Meta2

What if you could have all the power of the computer without the confines of the screen? That’s where Meta2 comes in. 

Being promoted as the most immersive AR on the planet, Meta2 is ready for developer pre-order and it’s pretty damn cool; it could completely re-define how humans interact with computers.

Dubbed ‘a natural machine’, Meta2 is based on three UX principles:

1.    YOU are the operating system. Unlike today’s computers, which rely on learned-behavior, Meta2 is totally intuitive because it’s based on neuroscience. No learning curve and no complex barriers between browsers and devices, it follows the neural path of least resistance.

2.    Touch to see. That means no more sitting with your arms at right angles as you sift through servers. Our hands, specifically our opposable thumbs, make humans the most advanced beings but current technology reduces our touch abilities to the tapping of fingertips. That’s all about to change with Meta2. You control this interface through all elements; touch, see, grab and move holograms just like physical objects – it’s the stuff Sci-Fi movies are made of.

3.    The holographic campfire. We’re from Britain, so swap ‘campfire’ for ‘huddled-by-a-BBQ-under-an-umbrella’ and you get the idea. This technology means you can rejig the workspace to focus it around people. With Meta2 you can sit, stand, walk or even shimmy whilst interacting and collaborating with colleagues 5,000 miles away. 

Perhaps a little clunky-looking today, it’s only a matter of time before its size reduces in half. So sold are Meta2 with their headset, they’ve made the bold claim to go screen-less by 2017. As an 100-strong organization, we’re certainly intrigued to see if the new technology can handle the everyday running of a business that leaves desktops and mobiles at the door. 

Nice for them right, but why should we care? Well, the experts reckon an augmented future is less than a decade away and considering developers can now get a head start on tinkering with the possibilities, we’re excited to see how that plays out.

At the moment, Meta2’s interactive 3D capabilities make it perfect for collaborating on design, engineering and architecture projects. It could even see designers scrapping physical prototypes or flat-screen renders in favour of 3D holograms that can be adapted on the spot, co-created and shared with everyone in the supply chain.

But for me, it’s the retail sector where Meta2 could really change things for consumers – both in terms of immersive in-store experiences and augmented online shopping. Imagine stripping the components of a car, zooming in to examine minute details and taking a test drive all through your headset!

Meta2 takes everything that sucks about the boxy, unintuitive, limiting UX of our current devices and chucks it out the window. And judging by the gasps, applause and standing ovation that the demo triggered at SXSW, I'm not the only person who’s really excited about where this might go.

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