Bringing Carlsberg to life at festivals across the UK, the Danish Way

News Flash | Bringing Carlsberg to life at festivals across the UK, the Danish Way

Hot off the back of the recently launched ‘København Collection’ limited edition packaging and the full brand redesign of Carlsberg Expørt, today marks the next stage of our journey in helping Carlsberg UK rediscover their Danish roots.

Both the København Collection and Carlsberg Expørt will now take centre stage at a string of the biggest music festivals in the UK.

Our inspiration for the København Collection (launched in April 2017) lay in our abstract, bold and beautifully Danish interpretations of Carlsberg’s most iconic ingredients: barley, the mighty hop and Carlsberg’s legendary brewers’ yeast (a yeast that was first isolated in 1883 and shared with the beer world making it the basis of 90% of today’s lagers). 

Using that same inspiration we’ve taken the ‘ingredients of a great festival’ and abstracted these to create an arresting and visually engaging festival presence for the brand; across everything from t-shirts and ticket holders to branded bars and bespoke digital experiences.

Exclusive VIP areas have then been infused with the premium, crafted and effortlessly stylish look and feel of Carlsberg Expørt (redesigned and launched in January 2017). Festival-goers will walk into a world of premium Danish beer – light fixtures inspired by the warm coppers of the brewing stills, bar tables featuring the white ceramic of Danish interiors and wooden seats built from Danish oak.

From the mellow shores of Latitude, to the buzzing fields of Reading and Glastonbury, Carlsberg is coming to festivals right across the UK, the Danish way.