Taxi Studio launches podcast series

News Flash | Taxi Studio launches podcast series

Since 2002, Taxi Studio has helped brands embrace a philosophy of ‘Fearless Creativity’. But fearlessness in today’s world needs to be more than just being brave. Bravery can be reckless, overwhelming, and ultimately it can’t guarantee success. However, fear doesn’t always need to be the bad guy. If we understand it a little more, we can work out how we can manage it and get the very best out of it.

The BeMore.FearLess. Open Up. Podcast Series takes a more in-depth look into this innate human mechanism we call fear. By exploring through first-hand experiences, the five stages of fear, we go through when faced with a threat or challenge – imagination, fear, paralysis, acceleration and memories.

Hosted and curated by Taxi Studio’s Creative Partner and Founder Alex Bane talking first to writer, actor and comedian Steve Furst about fear and the imagination. Al discusses fear itself with NHS Ward Sister, Kelly Oakley. Chats fear and paralysis with Steve Crompton an ultra-athlete and philanthropist. Examines fear and acceleration with ex-SAS turn bestselling author and entrepreneur Olly Ollerton, and finally reflects on fear and memories with Spiros Margaris a high flying FinTech Venture Capitalist.

New episodes will be released weekly.

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