Say YES! to an exciting new snack brand

News Flash | Say YES! to an exciting new snack brand

Finally, a nourishing snack that looks as good as it tastes.

Consumers are busier than ever, so it's no surprise that wholesome snacking – the new fast food – is on a meteoric rise.

From major brands to own label players, the category is awash with choice. But is everything as fruity as it seems? Insight tells us many of these snacks leave consumers feeling like there's something missing. And that something is great taste.

With a team of hungry designers keen to get their teeth into something juicy, and a client serving up diverse and creative flavour combinations, our challenge was set...

'Can you create a strong visual identity for a new brand that not only has global standout, but celebrates vibrant ingredients and bold flavours, convincing consumers that wholesome snacking can taste amazing?'

Our answer? Well, of course we said YES!