Here Comes the Boom

News Flash | Here Comes the Boom

Lately the Boomers have been making a bang. Here’s how...

At Taxi we practise Fearless Creativity. So naturally we treat trends just like we treat phobias by: assessing the symptoms, asserting a diagnosis, reviewing previous cases and prescribing some much needed therapy.


  1. Big birthdays - the oldest Boomers turn 70 and the youngest turn 50 in 2016
  2. Golden values - lifestyle is defined by values not birthday cake candles
  3. Grandparents go to the gym - 66 year olds hit the gym 20 times more per year than teenagers
  4. Spending many pennies - America’s 50-65s are set to control 50% of disposable income by 2020
  5. Living healthier - the market for nutritional supplements has increased 7% since 2007 thanks to health-conscious Boomers


Boomers want to live, not to age.

Just because their parents spent their golden years in slippers by the fire doesn’t mean our Boomers want the same. Even as adolescents in the swinging 60s they demanded to have their cake and eat it too. So guess what? They’re still the same; comfort and fashion, sophistication and fun, adventurous and familiar – they want it all. This generation looks for brands that enhance their lifestyle, that enable not disable, and at this point in their life they have the money and time to experiment and indulge.


  1. Blend innovation with age - technology isn’t off-limits, use it to enhance the autumnal years like never before
  2. Launch new consumer occasions - Boomers’ way of ageing is unprecedented, so broaden your thinking to encompass their new behaviours
  3. Adapt and keep the good times going - Boomers actively try to live longer, so design healthy alternatives for the older body


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