A Phenomenally Fearless Mural

Our Phenomenally Fearless Mural

Friend of the studio and local artist, Sam Hadley, let loose on our walls…

News Flash | A Phenomenally Fearless Mural

Fears come in all shapes and sizes, but most artists can testify there’s nothing more terrifying than a blank sheet of paper...

Except maybe a blank, immaculately white 18 by 8 foot wall. But that’s exactly what illustrator Sam Hadley decided to take-on at Taxi Towers. Armed with only an idea, a steady hand, an enviable amount of talent and a Posca brush pen, Sam created a magnificent mural both in scale and subject matter.

The content of the mural sees our honeybadger, (the most fearless creature in all the animal kingdom), standing heroically centre stage, braced for battle and unafraid of the lions, snakes and eagles that surround him.

On the one hand it’s a direct illustration of fearlessness, on the other it’s autobiographical – Sam is confronting his own fears, pushing his talents and challenging himself to think bigger (literally). But Sam also wanted it to say something more universal about the creative process:

“I wanted to draw something to capture that moment in the creative process when everything suddenly clicks and makes sense. When your idea, for whatever reason, starts to properly work and takes on a whole momentum of its own. That’s kind of what this picture was trying to show – the triumphant feeling of that moment” - Sam Hadley.

We can’t think of anything more fitting to have on our walls. It’s not only the scale of the piece that’s impressive, it’s the talent, time and tenacity it took which we find truly epic. So a big thanks to Sam and his enviable talents for this phenomenally fearless mural.