Creatives, designers and strategists…Oh my!

News Flash | Creatives, designers and strategists…Oh my!

The branding world isn’t all that frightening but it’s no teddy bear’s picnic either

Hey my name is Jazz and for the past 6 weeks I’ve been interning here at Taxi Studio, and in all honesty, it’s been pretty damn great. Don’t worry I’m not being forced to write this against my will or anything. It wasn’t in my contract that I’d have to write a glowing review of Taxi at the end of my internship, but having heard stories of interns becoming photocopying pros, on-call kitchen cleaners and perhaps most notably, tea trolley touters I’m pleased to say none of this was expected of me and I had a pretty amazing time. (Well that’s not entirely true, I did make a lot of cuppas for our Mojo manager, Verity but that’s because she has an addiction so it would have been medically irresponsible for me not to – you’re welcome Ver!)

Having studied Law at the University of Bristol, I was completely green to the world of branding and marketing, with most of my intel coming from highly factual sources, like the TV show Mad Men. I thought I was about to enter a boom and bust boy’s club of greedy seedy corporate climbers. But I couldn’t have been more wrong, not only was everyone at Taxi friendly and welcoming, but it’s also 60% female – take that patriarchy!

My role at Taxi was as a creative strategy intern. What’s that I hear you ask? Well, strategy’s kind of like the middle ground between creatives and the consumer- we find out what’s hot, what’s not and translate that for brilliant designers to deliver knock-out stuff for our clients. We’re pretty much brand doctors, finding what’s wrong with a brand and fixing the problem. It’s a cooler analogy for what is effectively a role with a lot of research, which isn’t very sexy but is very interesting! Strategists learn all there is to know about a certain market or topic and then distil it down to key learnings. We’re basically like trendy fact geeks.

Having known nothing of strategy, or much else to do with branding at all, honestly, I was perhaps a bit sceptical in the beginning.  Millennials and gen z-ers are known to be brand-sceptic. We’ve grown up in a world with fast-paced communication, value our individuality and are generally speaking fairly anti-establishment. My initial feeling of working for an agency was that I was selling out, and working for the big ol’ capitalist machine. But actually, it really wasn’t like that at all, I got to be a part of an incredible team working tirelessly to bring about some fantastic and engaging designs that would actually make everyday people’s experience of brands and products more enjoyable – where’s the harm in that?

It was no walk in the park though mind you, with a steady flow of new briefs and projects coming into the studio I found I was always constantly juggling tasks - working on a little bit of this here and that there for some global brand heavy-weights. Plus, as part of my internship I undertook a research project on the implications changing perceptions on gender would have on branding, which was incredibly interesting and I gleaned some stellar insights (even if I do say so myself), it meant I was constantly kept busy and so got a real taste for the fast-paced environment of working in the brand world.

During my time at Taxi I really felt my opinion was valued – it’s literally part of their ethos. Fearless creativity, not being afraid to share ideas, courageously collaborating with one another to bring about success – I couldn’t agree more with it.

All that’s left to say is cheers Taxi, you really are a lovely bunch and I sincerely hope our paths cross again in the future!