Creative Discomforts

Creative Discomforts

What does Fearless Creativity mean to you?

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Kickstarting the next generation of Fearless Creatives

Following a hugely successful premiere at D&AD New Blood 2018, we’re absolutely delighted to release our animated short, Creative Discomforts!

Featuring creative superstars including the likes of Jim Sutherland, Marina Willer, Rosie Arnold & Greg Quinton, Creative Discomforts is jam packed with insight and inspiration from some of the very best in the industry.

Wrapped up and delivered with humility and humour, the aim of the film is to help instil creative courage in the next generation of students. Because without new blood pushing the limits of what’s possible “we’ll be in danger of licking the lollipop of mediocrity” as James Hilton put it during the star-studded live panel discussion that followed the film’s premiere.

Taxi Studio would just like to publicly thank the entire cast of the film for their time, their fabulous wisdom and for entrusting us to represent them in animated form.

We’ll let the film do the rest of the talking…